Independent Media Pitches

While there were many noteworthy pitches in our class, I think the most notable and likely successful outlet is (drum roll please) Video Games for Girls… and Everyone Else!

I also want to give shoutouts to Aplomb Fitness and This Wine is Mine, which I’ll go into more depth on later.
The reason I think that Video Games for Girls… and Everyone Else will be the most successful is that it really fills a niche that Rachel expanded on in her presentation. There is a lot of critique around women playing video games because it is often a space reserved for men who tend to aggressively kick out women who are trying to enjoy that community as well; women tend to pretend to be men when playing games to avoid critique and harassment in the community.

I think there’s a lot of room for women in video gaming because many women already play video games and simply pretend to be men for ease and acceptance in the community and I think it’s simply a matter of reaching that audience. Since it is a male-dominated part of our culture, as Rachel discussed in class, it’s a great opportunity to create inclusivity in a space that is often reserved for men.

This site can receive a lot of support from the community (as well as potentially receive a lot of backlash) because it offers what many other gaming forums do well and have hundreds and thousands of users: commentary, discussion forums, reviews, etc., but is essentially a safe space for women to view, play and discuss video gaming. For many female gamers who simply post their content on YouTube or other sites, they are ridiculed and critiqued for what they are wearing, how they look, etc., instead of their gameplay and Rachel’s proposal opens up the perfect space that is lacking in the video game community and can gain a lot of support from not only people in the gaming community but also more major feminist organizations and video game companies themselves that are striving for more inclusivity.

In order to be critical, I also think it might be helpful to reconsider the title as it is a bit bulky and she could add onto her staffing to increase support because this will most likely grow fast and be bigger than a one-person operation in order to keep it consistently updated, objective and moderated (because as I mentioned earlier, there are those in the video gaming community who love to lash out at women in gaming).

I also want to give a shoutout to Aplomb Fitness and This Wine Is Mine for also fulfilling a need that is lacking on the internet – these are both sites I’ve looked for myself and haven’t found anything helpful. Aplomb Fitness is a great idea for those searching for a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a more demanding environment (cause honestly, who has time for the gym with a full load of credits in college?). I also think offering wine reviews is a great market to target to young adults who want to expand their wine palate and know what brands and different types of wine they might like while still on a budget.


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