Things I Will Miss About London

While I was in London, I fell in love with a lot of different things. This is a post that I wrote a while ago but forgot to post when I got back, so you get it as a Christmas present! It’s fairly obvious that London is a kick-ass city. It was been a pleasure to live there for a month, despite some downfalls (found in the counterpart to this list, Things I Will Not Miss About London), and there will be some things I will definitely miss while I’m back in the States. Here they are!

1. Mozzarella sticks at McDonald’s

2. “Driving” the bus and/or DLR

3. Coins instead of bills for dollars/pounds

4. The Cloud

Wifi is everything, all hail The Cloud

5. Cider on tap

6. Scones and clotted cream

7. Running down the escalators

8. Millionaire bars

9. Cadbury chocolate

10. Time Out day

11. Rush Hour Crush

12. Delores

Our friendly tube announcer lady.

13. The weather

14. Football games

15. The ICLC staff


16. Automatic toilets that actually flush at the right time

17. “Cheers”

18. TfL


20. Off-Licences

21. Primark

22. Included tax

23. Falling in love with strangers on the tube

24. Free ATMs everywhere

25. The diversity of the city

26. Bus drivers who actually wait for you

27. Let’s be real, just about everything

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