Rocks & Rhythms

Settling. It’s a weird feeling to sink into that word “home,” but here it is, in London, for a few more months. I haven’t written in a bit just because I felt like nothing has happened, while at the same time a lot has happened.

Last weekend, we visited Salisbury, Avebury and Stonehenge.

Amazing selfie with Tim & Madison in front of the Salisbury Cathedral.

Amazing selfie with Tim & Madison in front of the Salisbury Cathedral.


Salisbury Cathedral

So, we saw some pretty windows. And the magna carta. It was pretty cool, I guess.

(I mean, it was phenomenal. It’s moments like these that I remember I’m not in the States anymore – there’s a history in the countryside here that we don’t have back in America because we’re a baby country, comparatively. It’s another moment where you just recognize your sheer tininess in the magnitude of the universe.)

And some underwhelming rocks.

Stonehenge. Much less exciting than expected.

Stonehenge. Much less exciting than expected.

Stonehenge was interesting and good to see, but much smaller than expected and one of the worst tourist traps I think I’ve ever visited. There’s more to explore in the gift shop than there is at the actual site.

We also saw some other rocks at Avebury. Apparently (according to Bill), if you run around all the rocks three times you’ll get pregnant, or something like that. But we did find a blessing inside one of the rocks which was pretty awesome as well.

Madison hanging out on some rocks at Avebury.

Madison hanging out on some rocks at Avebury.

During the week, it’s been a lot of classes, a lot of exploring cafes, a lot of wandering around near our flat. I discovered the largest art material store in London, which is just a hop skip and jump away from our flat, and it was heaven.

Atlantis Art Materials (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Atlantis Art Materials (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Over the weekend, we went to a lovely pub in Southwest London to hang out with a bunch of our friends. It was a great night, and we consumed a lot of pitchers and glitterbombs. And maybe talked about placentas.


Madison and I explored the Hackney One Carnival earlier today, which was a hot mess but a lot of fun. It was similar to a parade, though people were just everywhere, scantily clad and consuming a lot of alcohol.

Hackney One Carnival!

Hackney One Carnival!

We’ve been exploring and meeting new people and enjoying London, and I think we’re ready to start exploring more of Europe (well, I definitely am. But I’m always ready to adventure). Some of us in the flat are planning a trip to Dublin to visit our wonderful friend Kat and see some of the Irish countryside, and we’re headed to Stratford Upon Avon for a weekend with a few of our classes.

Adventure is out there, and there is more exploring to be done.

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