10 Random Gifts From the Internet to Cheer You Up

Feeling stressed out about impending finals? Bummed out about weird weather patterns? Just having an off day? Try some of these great random things on the internet to make you smile.


1. Play this game where you make giraffes kiss

But seriously. It’s adorable and tons of fun. Grab the bonuses for extra points and easier kissing!


2. Watch cat gifs matched up with songs 
Procatinator is a wonderful site that takes random cat gifs and matches them up with random songs. It’s a beautiful and odd thing.


3. Play some cute roulette

Cute Roulette finds the cutest videos on the internet and plays them for you. What’s better than that? The answer is nothing.


4. Pretend you’re on LSD (kind of)

[Epilepsy warning] Staggering Beauty is a crazy site that compiles bright, colorful images and sounds as you move your mouse around really fast. Lots of flashing images and if you get nauseous easily, may not be the best place to go.


5. Watch people laugh

Gigglers.tv is a site dedicated to finding the best laughs on the internet. And we all know that laughing is contagious, so go get infected!


6. Get a virtual hug from a stranger

The nicest place on the internet. Literally. Users can upload hugs for strangers who need them. So get a hug, give a hug, pay it forward.


7. Check your emotional baggage

Emotional Baggage Check is a site that allows you to “check your baggage” – basically, you can unload anything that’s on your mind and it will be sent to someone to read. You can also carry other’s baggage and respond to them with a song that you think might help. It’s sometimes good just to get it off your chest, you know?


8. Read stories that’ll give you hope

Gives Me Hope is an oldie, but goodie. You can read and share stories that might convince you the world isn’t such an awful place.


9. Get calm

Calm.com offers a soothing nature backdrop, white noise, and guided meditation for those moments you just need to breathe.


10. Make Everything OK

Because it will be.


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