A Comprehensive List of The Best Renditions of Frozen’s “Let It Go”

This post has nothing to do with my social media class. This is just me, getting into this blogging groove. This is because I love listening to cool versions of “Let It Go” and I think they need to be shared with the world.

1. Sam Tsui’s mashup with Passenger’s “Let Her Go”

This is, by far, my favorite version of this song. They flow so well together and I’m in love with his voice.

2. In 25 different languages

I mean, who can argue that this isn’t one of the coolest things they’ve listened to?

3. Music Box Version

Kind of creepy, kind of beautiful, but also really interesting and appropriate for the song content.

4. Maddie and Zoe sing “Let it Go”

Who loves cute little kids singing? I love cute little kids singing.

5. Jun Sung Ahn’s Violin Cover

Wow. Nothing more needs to be said.

6. 9-year-old Annelise Forbes

I have to argue that she rivals Idina Menzel with this cover.

7. “Bet it Go”

Zac Efron’s dramatic rendition of “Let it Go.” Just watch it.

And just because we’re on the Frozen train…

8. Cute kitten version of Frozen

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